Urban Reserve / 311 North Avenue • 42 acres

Not long ago, the Urban Reserve was an industrial complex on Burlington’s waterfront. Today the Reserve is one of the most scenic spots to stop along the Burlington Greenway bike path. Tree and shrub plantings are helping the area on the flat shoreline plain and the upland sandy-soil bluff regain biodiversity and pollinator habitat. Besides the paved bike path, a steep dirt trail stretches up to North Avenue (and has plans to be regraded), making the area well connected to the rest of the city. A ramp also extends down to Texaco Beach. Residents of the area include red and grey foxes, raccoons, deer, rabbits, and coyotes which traverse the edge of the bluff and shoreline habitat zones. Access this natural area from the Burlington Greenway by foot or bike, or park in the small lot at 311 North Avenue and walk the connector trail past the Lakeview Community Gardens. Additional parking is found by the A_Dog Skate Park north of Waterfront Park.

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