Rock Point is a peninsula jutting out into Lake Champlain just to the north of North Beach on the east side of the Burlington Bike Path.  It is contiguous with the Arms forest Natural area bisected only by the Burlington Bike path.  It offers spectacular vistas of Lake Champlain and Adirondacks, mature forests and unusual natural communities such as the Limestone Bluff Cedar community are prevalent here.  Abundant spring effemeral wildflowers are found in the spring.  Rock point is also famous for the Champlain Thrust fault. A geologic feature in which older rock is thrust over younger rock.  The property is owned and manage by the Episcopal Diocese of Vermont.

All visitors are required to get a trail pass online.  There is no charge for trail passes but donation for regular use are suggested to help keep up these trails.

Car Access: 
Visitors can park in the small parking lot across from the diocese office on Rock Point Road. You may also park at North Beach and enter Rock Point on foot from the Beach.
Bike/Foot Access: 
Bikes are not allowed on the trails but bike racks are provided at the entrances to rock point trail from the bike path. Trails can be accessed from North Beach and the Burlington Bike Path just north for North Beach.