This trail starts at Salmon Hole, follows the Winooski River and stays within the silver maple floodplain forest before crossing through to the Ethan Allen homestead.  From the homestead the trail then crosses 127 and ascends through the wooded Ethan Allen park, one of Burlington’s urban wilds, before descending to the parking lot off of North Ave.  

Intervale Wildway Trail Map
Download a PDF of our trail map or use the interactive map below.

Car Access: 
The trail is accessible from many spots. You can park at the small parking lot near the entrace to Salmon Hole on Riverside Ave, close to it’s juncture with Colchester Ave. Or if you plan to walk the trail from West to East you can park in Ethan Allen Park off of North Ave.
Bike/Foot Access: 
The entire trail is available for walking. Bikes are not allowed on parts of the trail and rules vary by landowner.