Visitors can expect lush, diverse assemblage of wildflowers and vegetation.  Unusual at geology at in the form of dolomite outcrops in Arms enables uncommon plants that require abundant calcium to flourish. In fact, these outcrops in the Arms Forest are home to rare plants, like yellow lady-slipper orchids, found nowhere else in Burlington. Visitors may also note that the trees are uncommonly large for Burlington forests. The ledgy, thin-soiled nature of the property prevented its cultivation, allowing the forests to escape some of the agricultural clearing pressure experienced later in the area during the 20th century. Arms Forest is and “Urban Wild” managed by Burlington Parks, Recreation and Waterfront. 

Car Access: 
Visitors may park behind the North Avenue Alliance Church and access all trails through this point.
Bike/Foot Access: 
There are trail entrances to the forest just near the bus drop-off loop at Burlington High School.