When we have succeeded, Burlington Wildways will have:

  • Achieved robust conservation and connection of Burlington’s wild and natural areas through a shared sense of purpose and harmonious management among our many landowners and partner organizations.
  • Created an extensive, well-marked, and ecologically sensitive trail network that connects the city’s wild lands—while reducing and eliminating redundant, poorly designed and inappropriate trails in other areas.
  • Expanded the ranks of people who enjoy and care for our wild areas and inspired a love of nature in a wide diversity of our citizens and visitors.
  • Demonstrated the value and beauty of our natural and wild areas to all Burlington’s citizens, leaders, and to those who visit our city, such that there is overwhelming support for protecting them into future generations.
  • Secured vigorous and informed protection for the rare plants, local and transient wildlife, and diverse ecosystems in our open and natural lands.
  • Promoted and enhanced the ecological, cultural and economic values of wildness and wild places within our city—such as flood control, cool forest walkway, carbon sequestration, and nature appreciation.