Speaker Series Recordings

The arrival of spring in Northern Vermont is a cause for celebration – perhaps made all the sweeter in 2021 because of all we have been through. One silver-lining in this challenging year of sheltering in place is that many of us have become more attuned to rhythms of the nature and the diversity of life that surrounds us, even in our more urban settings. The cities of Burlington and Winooski are teaming up with the University of Vermont, and lots of other partners, this spring to celebrate these deepening connections with the more-than-human world through a series of activities and opportunities collectively known as City Nature Celebration.


Mammals in the Queen City: The Top of Burlington's Food Chain?

Livestream from 4/26/22 • Speaker: Declan McCabe
Diverse mammal communities in Burlington suggest that we still have the biologically diverse food chain to support them.

Birds of Winooski and Burlington

Livestream from 5/6/21 • Speaker: Allan Strong
In anticipation of World Migratory Bird Day (May 9), a local ornithologist will feature the natural history of bird species returning to Burlington and Winooski this spring.


Insects and Pollinators

Livestream from 4/29/21 • Speakers: Amy Seidl and Bryan Pfeiffer
This presentation featured insects that emerge in Spring and play a key role in pollinating native and agricultural plants.​


City Nature Celebration & Tracking the Seasons

Livestream from 4/22/21 • Speakers: Alicia Daniel, Zoe Richards, and Gustave Sexauer
An Earth Day celebration that begins with an overview of the wild places of Burlington and Winooski, followed by a second presentation: Seasons, Phenology, and A Mysterious Clock.